Actions, Memorials and Resolutions

Actions, Memorials and Resolutions – In business sessions, the voting members of the Tenth Triennial Convention of Women of the ELCA:

  • Acted to affirm the ELCA’s repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery and encourage education and relationship building
  • Referred to the 2017-2020 Executive Board consideration of budgetary support for Today’s Dream:  Tomorrow’s Reality (TDTR) anti-racism programming.
  • Resolved to raise awareness of the tainted water in Flint, Michigan, and/or offer tangible support to the people in Flint.
  • Rejected the memorial to lower the number of Synodical Women’s Organization (SWO) elected board members to three.
  • Resolved to support the United National Convention on the Rights of a Child and clearly condemn all forms of corporal punishment of children.
  • Resolved to educate and act to reduce domestic abuse and violence and help survivors recover.
  • Resolved to encourage all participants to hold in prayer the Bible Women of India.
  • Resolved to establish July 11 – February 4, 2018, as a time of prayer in ELCA congregations to end human trafficking and to work in cooperation with other agencies, task forces and groups to end human trafficking and support its victims.
  • Resolved to “go green” at the Eleventh Triennial Convention and Gathering in 2020, encouraging voting members and participants to reduce waste by using their personal electronic devices instead of paper and by bringing reusable cups and refillable water bottles. (Visit to purchase an All Anew tumbler.)
  • Resolved to  support the leadership needs in the ELCA by encouraging women to seek rostered leadership and to promote support for the ELCA Fund for Leaders.
  • Requested the executive board constitutional committee consider a constitutional change to allow up to two SWO board members to be from the same congregational unit. (The executive board denied this request at the October meeting.)

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