Minutes of The NT-NL SWO Board

SWO Board Meeting
Sunday October 15, 2017
Briarwood Retreat Center

Meeting was held following week-end retreat Sunday service.  Sarah opened with prayer.

Old Business

  • Ann Hanley reported there were 4 scholarships awarded to the Fall Retreat
  • We tabled Policies and procedures.

New Business

  • Fall Retreat –was conducted at Briarwood Retreat Center.  We read evaluation sheets.  Sarah will consolidate the evaluation.  We asked about making signs for the prayer labyrinth.  We’re obtaining approval and an estimate.

Next Board Meeting – will be January 20 at one of the Metroplex North Churches (Rejoice in Frisco).  They will be hosting the SWO Convention in October 2018.

Meeting closed with the Doxology.

Respectfully submitted

Glenda Phillips, Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes – August

The NT-NL SWO Board met Saturday August 26th at New Life in Christ in Duncanville.

The minutes were approved with corrections.  The treasury report was approved. President Sarah encouraged local units to consider giving up to 50% above past years financial support to the NT-NL SWO.  This should help improve our organization’s low financial status.  

Debra Moenke (Immanuel Killeen), Cindy Bone (St. John Coryell City), and Linda Hyde (St. Matthew Waco) conducted an audit of the 2016 SWO financial books.   No errors found.  A copy of the audit has been filed.

Carol Otterstad and Ann Hanley discussed the Triennial Convention and Gathering.  Both expressed thanks for being able to attend.  It was a spiritual for both women.  The meeting was such an inspiration and W-ELCA is a powerful ministry.

New Social Media Coordinator, Sarah Jenkins’ goal is to grow awareness of WELCA in the media.  

The Fall Retreat at Briarwood will be October 13-15.  Details of the meeting were solidified.  

Ann proposed we give $100 to Sierra Leone for flood disaster. Leslie seconded.  Motion passed.

Financial Report – October

Northern Texas- Northern Louisiana
Synodical Women’ Organization
Financial Report as of October 5, 2017


General Fund

August 12, 2017 Balance $5,749.07
Deposits: New Life In Christ – Duncanville, St. Stephens – Shreveport,Trinity – Hamilton, St. John – Wilson, Grace – Carrollton,Resurrection – Plano 470.76
MIF Interest 3.10
Debits: Sri Leone Relief 100.00
Women of the ELCA 655.38
Balance October 5, 2017 $5,467.55

Custodial Fund

August 12, 2017 Balance $7,539.68
St. Paul – Shive (HOT Conf) 470.76
MIF Interest 3.10
Balance October 5, 2017 $7,644.24

Scholarship and Convention Funds

August 12, 2017 Balance $3,227.61
Deposits: Retreat registration 4,455.00
MIF Interest 2.36
Balance October 5, 2017 $7,644.24

Scholarship Fund

August 12, 2017 Balance $1,350.14
MIF Interest .77
Balance October 5, 2017 $1350.91

Continuing Education Fund

August 12, 2017 Balance $2,754.11
MIF Interest 1.55
Balance October 5, 2017 $2,755.66

Respectfully submitted, Mail offering to:
Diane Fehler
3327 Pleasant Run Rd.
McGregor, TX 76657
NT-NL SWO Treasurer e-mail: dmfehler@gmail.com
Cell#: 254-744-6457

Note from the Treasurer
Ladies I am aware that attendance may be down, resulting in lower total giving, but we need to support the synodical and churchwide work of Women of the ELCA as well as our local units and congregations. We cannot out-give God! He has blessed us with abundant gifts – let us share them.

June 2016 Board Meeting

Grace Lutheran in Fort Worth hosted our board meeting on Saturday, June 18.

Rosemary Fielder, co-chairperson of the convention planning committee, attended the meeting and shared convention plans. Criss Forshay, our social media coordinator, also attended the meeting. She shared with us her talents in this area, and we were very pleased with the direction Rosemary and Criss are guiding us with the convention plans and publishing the Tapestry, our newsletter.

Karen Voris from the ELCA Churchwide board and Liz Gaskins, Triennial Promoter, will both be with us at the convention.

The board voted to separate the Convention and Scholarship Fund into two separate accounts. We feel the separation will make both accounts easier to manage. The convention fund will be for the convention income and expenses, and the scholarship fund will be there for women in the NT-NL who wish to further their education in a number of areas.

We discussed the Policies and Procedures document and approved it with the changes made. It will be presented to the convention voting members for approval. Voting members to the Triennial will be chosen by Rank Order Process. Our synod will have two voting members plus the president.

Mary Ann Manning, Diane Thompson, and other ladies of Grace had delicious refreshments when we arrived, and served a wonderful lunch. We are most grateful for their hospitality.