Sarah’s Inn

Every year at the Conference of Presidents held in Chicago in February, an agency is chosen to be the recipient of our in-kind giving.   This year it will be, an agency providing comprehensive support to those impacted by domestic violence (and even does DV prevention in the schools).  With a relatively small staff they accomplish amazing things.  For each of the past three years we in the NT-NL Synodical W-ELCA local units have been very generous and have sent $600 in gift cards each February.  Can we do it again for a fourth year?  Requested giving is in the form of gift cards in denominations of $15-$25 (from stores that carry groceries, toiletries, household items, school supplies, etc.).  I encourage you in our local units to support this project.  You can send the gift cards to Sarah Gohlke, 750 CR 245, Gatesville, TX 76528 by February 15th, and they will be delivered at the CoP in Chicago in February 2018.

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