September Devotion

As I sit here remembering my recent trip to Germany, July 30-August 9, to be specific, I am extremely grateful and thankful that we had such a wonderful trip full of exciting times and seeing all things Luther. To attend Sunday church services, which were in German, at All Saints Church in Wittenberg, commonly called the Castle church, and to participate in communion that Sunday and then exit through the 95 Theses Doors was a truly moving experience and one that I will remember always. The original doors were replaced years ago with bronze doors that have the Theses written on them. This church is also the burial site of Martin Luther in 1546.

We saw Luther’s birth house, death house, the church where all his children were baptized, and the house he and Katie and the children resided in. We spent one day in Berlin visiting sites there. We also toured Eisleben, Leizig, Halle, Erfurt, Eisenach, and Frankfort. Our tour ended with a visit to Wartburg Castle and a tour of it.

To sit and look at the pictures I took and remember the good times fills me with thankfulness that our trip was so peaceful and without mishap. God was with us. There were 26 members of our tour. Most were members of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Waco, Texas.

Peggy Tooker

St. Matthews, Waco

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