NT-NL Synodical Women's Organization

About Us

As a community of women, created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, society, and the world. – Women of the ELCA is comprised of 64 Synodical Women’s Organizations across the United States and the Caribbean that parallel the synods of the ELCA. Each SWO has a board whose members are elected at the SWO conventions by delegates from congregational units. NT-NL SWO alternates every other year with a retreat or a convention one weekend in October. 

The 2023-2025 Synodical Women’s Organization of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Women of the ELCA

Pictured: Paula Jenson, Sally Weber-Hawthorne, Jane Winge, Ginny Grundei, Pam Grosze, Linda Heyde, Alice Parsons.

Not Pictured: Renee Slegeir and Vivian McElligott     Installed by Miranda Searcy, pictured in the back

Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana

Synodical Women’s Organization Board

President: Jane Winge
  Email: jwinge@aol.com
  Attends: Rejoice Lutheran, Frisco
  Conference Liaison: 

Vice-President: Pam Grosze
  Email: pgrosze@tx.rr.com
Attends:Christ the Servant, Allen
  Conference Liaison: 

Secretary: Renee Slegeir
  Email: rslegeir@yahoo.com
  Attends: First, Longview
  Conference Liaison: Eastern

Treasurer: Linda Heyde
  Email: LHeyde52@aol.com

  Attends: St. Matthew Lutheran, Waco
  Conference Liaison: Heart of Texas

Ginny Grudei
  Email: ggrundei51@gmail.com
  Attends: Christ the Servant, Allen
  Conference Liaison:

Paula Jenson
  Email: cspjenson@aol.com

  Attends: St. Matthew, Waco
  Conference Liaison: 

Vivian McElligott
  Email: vnicklessmcelligott@gmail.com

  Attends: First, Longview
  Conference Liaison: 

Alice Parsons
  Email: aliceangel.1946@gmail.com

  Attends: Emanuel, Dallas
  Conference Liaison: Eastern

Sally Weber-Hawthorn
  Email: sallyhawth@gmail.com

  Attends: Trinity, Sherman
  Conference Liaison: